I grew up in Newark, Delaware – a place you may have heard of but certainly never visited. I spent a majority of my childhood training for the NBA and the X-Games. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until age 21 when I finally learned to dunk and to this day I have still not landed a kickflip.

My appetite for sports and outdoor recreation only grew during my time at the University of Colorado where I earned a degree in Journalism. A few years later, a combination of something some might call “heartbreak” and a desire to really give this “photography” thing a shot, I made the move to New York City.  There, I perfected the art of eating out, hitting happy hour daily, and spending too much money on an Equinox gym membership.  Oh yeah…I also got to shoot a lot of photographs.  I shot everything from live events to portraits.  I even shot a job at the Nets arena where I went 0 for 10 from the 3 point line, but still managed to throw one down inside the paint.

Since then, I’ve had had the opportunity to create photographs for household names like The North Face, Red Bull, Adidas, Athleta and Patagonia. My photography has appeared in ESPN The Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Outside Magazine and many others.

I currently live in Boulder, Colorado where I continue a career in photography, filmmaking and recreational tennis. Send me a message if you ever want to collaborate on a project or on the court.