New Balance / US Open 2021

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Patagonia / Farming in California

Two H2A guest workers waiting for the morning pick up. A farmworker fills jugs with fertilizer at JSM Organics. A dusty view through an old truck window at sunset on the 3M Ranch. Field workers harvest strawberries at sunrise at JSM Organics. H2A guest workers weed rows of brussel sprouts. H2A guest workers weed rows of brussel sprouts. Portrait of an irrigation worker at JSM Organics. A farmworker adjust irrigation lines at JSM Organics. H2A workers harvest green beans at JSM Organics. A farmworker harvests corn at JSM Organics. Aerial view of the 3M Ranch in Royal Oaks, CA. H2A guest workers  en route to Pajaro to cash a week's worth of pay. H2A guest workers stand in line waiting to cash paychecks. A H2A worker tends to his feet after a long day of harvesting at JSM Organics in Royal Oaks, California. An H2A guest worker waits for the shower to open up after a long day of harvesting. H2A guest workers prepare dinner at their farm home at JSM Organics.

Haven Coleman / Rolling Stone Magazine

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The North Face / Arizona

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Croatia with Frances

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Rolling Stone Magazine / Weed

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